You’ve Probably Never Noticed This Hidden Feature on Vera Wang’s Princess Perfumes Before

We as a whole have that specific aroma that helps us to remember our childhood. For me there’s a couple, there’s Tommy Girl, which influenced me to feel like a developed lady, Paco Rabanne Black XS, which I worshiped, and after that there was Vera Wang Princess.


That fruity flower aroma was everything to me and that container influenced me to feel like a genuine Disney Princess each time I took a gander at it on my dressing table.

In any case, it wasn’t until the point that I got the new Vera Wang scent, Princess of Hearts, that I understood I had totally missed a key piece of the Princess encounter.

All of you know what the jug resembles, heart molded glass with a minuscule crown for a cover, however did you realize that your most loved aroma really accompanies a ring?

I generally just idea it was a piece of the cover! It never at any point struck me to put it on my finger.

How could we miss this? An aroma and a ring in one and nobody let me know? Presently I’m left with the information that I’ve discarded endless princess rings.